Going to school means so much to our keiki. It’s a place for socialization, structure, and extracurricular activities. For many, it’s a source of support and a place where essential services, such as breakfast and lunch, can be accessed. Our schools provide a safety net, but COVID-19 has upended that. Due to extended school closures by the DOE, a hui of parents joined forces with Activate Hawai‘i Aid to figure out a way to support our keiki. We wanted to do something that served their physical and emotional well-being. Hence, the Keiki Care Packs program was born.

Our amazing volunteer hui distributed 1,000 care packs in March, 2,700 in April, and 5,000 in May to keiki in communities all around Hawai‘i Island. 

Please note that our safety and mitigation protocols were updated after shooting the video (above) during our March distribution. In addition to social distancing measures, masks and gloves are now mandatory for all volunteers.

printable Activities!

For each of our Keiki Care Pack drops, we curated activities and resources that would feed a child’s curiosity, spirit, and emotional well-being. We are posting links to print files below so all ‘ohana can access. Enjoy and happy memory making!

After our first care pack drop, a mom commented on our social media post her wish to have a resource that would help her speak to her child about the novel coronavirus. We’re so lucky that our friend Janice Ikeda with Vibrant Hawai‘i was up to the task of developing this special resource. A Little Book About Coronavirus to Help Our Keiki Understand Why Life Changed is available in English, ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i, and American Sign Language

Vibrant Hawai‘i also created “Before You Lose Your %^#*! Put Yourself in a Time Out” one-sheet to help parents and keiki caregivers manage the overwhelm brought by COVID-19. 

Our friends at PangeaSeed Foundation believe a drop of paint can create an ocean of change, so they developed a customized suite of Creative Coloring Companions for the various age groups receiving our care packs. Each educational booklet included coloring pages accompanied by information on marine environmental issues, action steps, and an artist statement. 

2-7 year old coloring companion • 8-12 year old coloring companion • 13-18 year old coloring companion 

Puna-based artist Kai Kaulukukui is featured in the 13-18 year old coloring companion for his recent mural PUNA STRONG, completed as part of the Activate Puna project. The mural is inspired by Kai’s interactions with Pāhoa High & Inter students who shared what makes Puna strong and unique, mauka to makai, one year after the 2018 Kīlauea eruption. 

Our friends at Lili‘uokalani Trust developed Kūkulu Kumuhana, a wellbeing framework built on the six principles of Ea, ‘Āina Momona, Pilina, Waiwai, ‘Ōiwi, and Ke Akua Mana. Their tipsheet, Native Hawaiian Wellbeing during COVID-19, provides simple ideas, activities and reminders for self care, ‘ohana care, and community care. Based on the Kūkulu Kumuhana framework, they developed the “What is Your Superpower?” activity booklet to for our care packs project. 

808 Urban collaborated with Lili‘uokalani Trust to create a special coloring book for Hawai‘i’s keiki, which encouraged them to be e ‘onipa‘a I ka ‘imi na‘auao – be steadfast in the seeking of knowledge. For each artwork included in the book, companion mana‘o (knowledge, wisdom) was included. 

We discovered the COVID-19 Time Capsule via All Kids Network. The resource was developed and generously shared with the global community by Natalie Long, and includes activities for children to interview parents, list their favorite foods, write a letter to themselves, and more. 

Globally renowned artist Yoskay Yamamoto graciously created a set of digital drawings he made for recent projects that we could share with keiki care pack recipients. The set includes a trio of artwork: Dreaming House, The Moon and The Guitar, and Moonflower. If you live in Hilo, you have likely seen Yosaky’s work at Agasa Furniture and the Kress Building as part of his collaboration and residency with Temple Children.

We included information by On Our Sleeves, a movement to transform children’s mental health, that has evidence-based resources to help kids cope during this challenging time. There’s a Summer Guide to Staying Mentally FitStress Buster Bingo, and a series of Conversation Starters to help children talk about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and 10-step guide on How to Talk to Your Kids About Mental Health

Other fun resources we found and included in our care packs:

Cardboard Sea Creatures by Mr. Printables

3D Spring Wreath by Red Ted Art and another Printable Flower Wreath by Easy Peasy Fun

A trio of projects by Babble Dabble Do: Amazing Flextangles, DIY Toy Helicopters, and Paper Tops 



  1. RSVP for your pack(s) by taking our Community Pulse Survey online or, if you’re unable to complete the survey online, call us on our Food Access Hotline—(808) 793-5703—to complete it by phone. If you’ve already filled out the full survey and just want to RSVP for the next distribution, the survey has been modified to ask only questions related to your RSVP.
  2. Check the Keiki Care Pack distribution calendar below for the next community pick-up locations, dates, and times. If you don’t see any dates listed, they haven’t been scheduled yet. Please check back later.
  3. Receive a text and/or email confirming your pick-up time and location—for those who have RSVP’d, this will be done at least 48 hours prior to the next distribution in their community.
  4. Drive through and pick up your pack(s)! You will be asked to stay in your vehicle to maintain safe social distancing. Home deliveries are generally not available; however, we may be able to make a few case-by-case exceptions when resources permit.
  5. Please be understanding if we are unable to provide you the full number of Keiki Care Pack(s) for which you have RSVP’d. A limit per household may be implemented at the time of distribution if demand exceeds our supply. We are working diligently to make sure this does not occur, but please be patient with us if it does.



What's inside each Keiki Care Pack?

Each pack contains approximately $15 worth of items for kids and young teens, including non-perishable food stuffs (canned meats, packaged goods, snacks, cookies, fruit cups, juice, etc.) and curated coloring sheets, activities, resources to help children better understand the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as materials to support parents to engage their keiki and cope with the stresses of living through this pandemic. Each round of care packs is different; contents will vary based on what is available from local distributors and community partners.

Where and how often do you distribute Keiki Care Packs?

Activate Hawaiʻi Aid schedules islandwide distributions of Keiki Care Packs once per month (typically). We started with 1,000 packs in 13 communities in March 2020; in April, it was 2,700 packs in two dozen communities, and in May we distributed 5,000 packs! Packs are assembled in Hilo, trucked to distribution locations in every district, pick-up schedules are posted, and those who have RSVP'd are notified via text and/or email.

How do you ensure the Care Packs are safe?

We've partnered with Connect Point Church in Hilo to purchase products, stage distribution, and create an operational environment that mitigates risk of exposure to COVID-19. All volunteers are screened and vetted before being confirmed to serve. All involved in packing must wear masks and gloves, and each packing shift is limited to no more than 10 people. Our captains ensure that proper social distancing, hand washing, and disinfecting protocols are being adhered to in both packing and distribution. Packs are organized so that they will be touched as little as possible to avoid contamination or cross-contamination.

I missed the pick-up at the location I selected. Can I go to a different one?

Unfortunately, because we must be able to schedule the correct number of packs to go to each pickup location in advance, please do not do this without communicating with us first. This helps us to ensure that everyone who has RSVP'd at the other location(s) will get their packs. Please call our hotline(808) 793-5703—or email us to explain your situation and we'll assist you however we can.

I think this program is amazing! How can I help?

We are constantly fundraising to support this program and would love for your kōkua. All coordination, packing and distribution efforts are volunteered, which means all money donated to this program goes to care packs! You can either click here to donate via our fiscal partner or volunteer to help us with our hotline or packaging and distribution of packs by emailing us at aloha@activatehawaiiaid.org. Our goal is to provide a Keiki Care Pack to every child in need on Hawai‘i Island each month. We appreciate your help!​